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When in Doubt, Build From Source

I’m not a core MonoGame developer, but I try to answer the occasional question on the project’s CodePlex, StackOverflow, GitHub, this blog, etc. For a lot of these questions, I answer back with another question: Did you try building MonoGame … Continue reading

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Along with a couple game projects, I have various pieces of tooling and libraries that I’m working on. Today I’m sharing LilyPath, a drawing library for MonoGame and XNA. LilyPath provides some of the functionality found in System.Drawing, such as … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale in Code Formatting

Everyone has their code formatting pet peeves. Whether your favorite argument is tabs-vs-spaces, indentation and brace rules, camelCase-vs-PascalCase, you probably have some anecdotal situation that you staked your position on. Now I’m going to throw in my opinion on a … Continue reading

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