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MonoGame WinForms Repository

This is a quick note that I’ve setup a repository on GitHub specifically for code and examples related to MonoGame WinForms controls. You can find it here: The repository unifies all of the code that I’ve put up as … Continue reading

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MonoGame + WinForms: Where’s My Keyboard?

A reader of an earlier post in the MonoGame + WinForms series pointed out a problem I never thought to test for: using MonoGame’s keyboard input with your embedded MonoGame control doesn’t work. Today’s post will solve this. First, why … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale in Code Formatting

Everyone has their code formatting pet peeves. Whether your favorite argument is tabs-vs-spaces, indentation and brace rules, camelCase-vs-PascalCase, you probably have some anecdotal situation that you staked your position on. Now I’m going to throw in my opinion on a … Continue reading

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